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Welcome to Holiday Rep Ticket!


Hundreds are starting the new year as a Holiday Rep with the help of Holiday Rep Ticket, why not follow in their footsteps!

Whatever type of holiday rep you want to become, the Holiday Rep Ticket Diploma course is for you.  With major tour operators recognising this course, we are the No.1 home learning provider for a Holiday Rep career.  Over the last 8 years we've helped thousands of people to reach their goal to become a holiday rep - so whether you are wanting to become a rep for this coming season or just wanting to find out more about the job, we can help you!



Enrol online today and receive 10% online discount, plus a guaranteed interview with Cosmos* and Thomson's**





What makes this course unique?


The biggest problem that recruiting Tour Operators face is that potential new recruits attending an interview have little knowledge of the challenges of the job they have applied for.  This is why major tour operators have had made an important contribution to the material  included in the Holiday Rep Ticket Diploma, this ensure that you have the exact information they require before attending the interview.


The Holiday Rep Ticket Diploma is the only recognised home study course for people wanting to become a holiday rep.  Studying from the comfort of your own home allows you to learn at your own pace without having to attend classes of any kind. The Holiday Rep Ticket is designed to fit around your life style, and with no time limit it ensures a deeper understanding of the material.


The tour operators have very sophisticated recruitment criteria and candidates are assessed every step of the way.  This is why we provide you with essential information on all the stages of the process, from completing application forms, to interviews structure and techniques, together with inside knowledge of the interview agenda.  Holiday Rep Ticket Diploma also guides through the online application forms for all of the major UK tour operators.




         Guaranteed interview with Cosmos* 

         Study when and where you want.

         Study and work at your own pace.

         Manage your studies online.

         Receive full support from a dedicated online tutor.

         Receive full support from a dedicated online recruitment advisor.

         All of the major UK tour operators application forms in one place.

         Latest rep vacancies.

         Inside information on what the tour operators are looking for during an interview.

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What our students say


To give you a better idea of what the Holiday Rep ticket training course is like and how it has helped thousands to be successfully recruited as any kind of holiday rep, here is what our students have to say.


The holiday rep ticket diploma course was definitely money well spent. It really helped me with what to expect at the interview and it gave me a real insight into life as a holiday rep.

The greatest thing was the support I received with ideas for application forms, the interviews, presentations and more importantly a lot of support with the actual study work!. Its been great too know that no matter how big or how small the dilemma they are there to help, and with their experience they know exactly what the tour companies are looking for.

I have been offered two jobs that I went for! Club 18 to 30 and Thomas Cook

I would definitely recommend this course to anybody considering working as any type of rep Leigh-Anne Hodges, Holiday Rep Ticket student, Reditch


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* Interviews with Cosmos are only guaranteed to candidates who have completed the online training course and that meet the minimum requirements set by Cosmos.  For the minimum requirements to apply to Cosmos please click here Interviews will be held from October 2006 onwards for the summer season of 2007.


** Interviews with Thomsons are only guaranteed to candidates who have completed the online training course and that meet the minimum requirements set by Thomson.  For the minimum requirements to apply, please click here Interviews will be held from January 2007 onwards for the summer season of 2007.



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